Capability to gather data from Global Positioning System during  calculations. It is compatible with java mobile phones that  support JSR 172 API.





Cep Muvakkit GPS  (CepMuvakkitG)

This one is designed for Mobile phones who have limited resources for  3.rd party soft wares. If you have problems you should try this version.

Cep Muvakkit Thrift (MuvakkitT)

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Text Box: This application is designed for using your mobile phone as tesbih and torch.

Digital Tesbih 3.5

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Desktop Application for Salat Times


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It is compiled for the average featured mobile phones.  J2ME  MIDP 2.0 CLCD1.1 is enough for use.

Cep Muvakkit Normal


Salat Times always with you! (WAP.CEPMUVAKKIT.COM)