MuvakkitG (KKS)

1. City Selection from the menu option among† 105 countries and 2000 cities† all over the world.

2. Custom Location option for calculations with high precession.

3. Calculation Capability to 6 different organizations which are Muslim World League,† University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi, Islamic Society of North America, Umm Al-Qura University, Egyptian General Authority of Survey and Turkey Religious Affairs or user specific parameters.

4. Calculations results are† done inside the phone without any GPRS or† any other data transfer types.

5. To time period† limitation to use software or get the results.

6. Canvas design see for† time left to next salat time.

7. Capability to gather data from Global Positioning System before calculations.

8. Calculation of israq, istiva and isfirar times to† define† Kar‚hat times in a day.

9. Synchronized calculation of Sun Altitude, Azimuth and Kiblah direction and distance with respect to the current position.

10. Selection of warning from multi type melody and Athan recitations.

11.  Auto execution when salat time reached.

12. Custom† dawn, dusk and altitude setting during the calculations.

13. Can be executed† as a process on the background.

14. Selection of Athan files according to the each salat time separately

15. Multi language support.

16. Kiblah angle calculation according to† Magnetic North with magnetic declination



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