Salat Times always with you! (WAP.CEPMUVAKKIT.COM)


All timings between 1901 and 2099 by truly astronomical calculation

Enter latitude/longitude manually with a resolution of 0.01°

Or choose your city from a database of 6500 cities all over the world

All prayer and makrouh times

Hanafi and Shafi Asr calculation

Qibla angle, compass drift and real-time Sun azimuth/elevation angle

World Qibla map

Hijri calendar

Shows Holy Days, also reminds beforehand

Four different calculation algorithms

Parametric depression angles and safety margins


Graphical display of qibla/compass/sun angles and sun trajectory

Real-time display of moon view

Real-time earth illumination map showing all prayer/makrouh zones

Shows sun/moon eclipses

Monthly/yearly Prayer/Makrouh Timing List

List of all Holy Days in one year

Some astronomical values in real-time


Automatically recites adhan at the prayer time

Select a different adhan for each prayer

Run any selected program / open any file at the prayer time

Parametric fajr adhan timing

Option to recite Asr adhan at Hanafi or Shafi timing

Recites “dua after adhan” and displays its interpretation

Recites “salawaat” before adhans or Friday prayer

Parametric salawaat timing

Displays the time remained to the next prayer/makrouh timing

Warning message when prayer time is almost over / near beginning of makrouh time

Easy access from the system tray icon


Real-time dynamical wallpapers of Earth/Moon view

Correct PC clock automatically by connecting to internet time-servers